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Daily blog: Read the press release linked below. What do you think about the NFLPA's program? Why do you think they developed this program? Do you think it provides a useful service to athletes?

The NFLPA's program is a great idea because if an athlete is injured then they have a back up plan and they aren't left with nothing. The players get hand on training so that is very useful to the athletes. They probably developed this program because athletes were getting hurt and then having nothing to learn on.
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Sports Techie Esports "irresponsible"

Daily blog: A recent headline on Sports Techie reads: "Sports Teams That Ignore Esports Are ‘Irresponsible,’ Says Team Liquid Consultant"
Why do you think they are calling these teams irresponsible? What are some of the consequences of ignoring Esports? Why would a team want to include Esports in their program?

I think they are saying that they are being irresponsible because Esports is so well known and could give the teams a lot of publicity and gain new followers. Esports would also benefit because they could use more teams and have a bigger range for fans.

mobile only ticketing

Daily blog: "The Kansas City Chiefs plan to move to a mobile-only ticketing system at Arrowhead Stadium in the near future, mirroring plans from teams across professional sports that are experimenting with ways fans can use their smartphones rather than paper tickets to check-in to games."
What are some of the pros and cons of making all tickets mobile-only?

some pros would be not losing your ticket, easy to handle, fast ticket check. some cons could be that if someone doesn't have a smart phone then they wouldn't be able to do an mobile ticket.

ESPN morning

Daily blog: 
"Get Up" - ESPN's new morning show. What are some of the reasons that ESPN created this show? What is their goal for the show? Do you think the show will yield the results desired by ESPN?
See the link below for information on "Get Up."

ESPN has always stayed away from the morning time but now they think that this new morning broadcast could be exactly what this channel needs. Their goal for this new broadcast is to reach new viewers. I think that maybe they could get the results that they are planning for but my personal opinion of the show is that it may not. It begins at 7 A.M. and most people, unless they are working, are sleeping at this time. If someone is getting ready for work then I don't think they would be watching this broadcast. I also believe that 3 hours is a bit too long.

esports stadium

Daily blog: Read the article in the link below. Thoughts? Comments?

I think that this new stadium will bring a lot of business to Arlington and to the hotels and restaurants. It's a very different approach to audiences and I believe that more people will be intrigued to participate in this. The downfall is that it is teaching kids that it is okay to sit at a computer for a long period of time.

Sister Jean

Daily blog - read the short article from the link posted below. What are your thoughts after reading the article?

Sister Jean gives the team free advertisement. People didn't know who the team was because they were ranked so low and now they do because they got more publicity.

Marketing positions

Daily blog - Many large corporations are finding it hard to fill marketing positions and are looking for ways to encourage students to consider a career in marketing. Why do you think this has become a problem? Would you consider a career in marketing products for a large corporation such as Proctor & Gamble? Why role would you be interested in playing in their marketing program? 

I believe that corporations aren't able to fill the marketing positions because the field is growing so quickly and there aren't enough people to fill the jobs. Also, people who didn't take a marketing class don't understand what all jobs fall into the marketing category. I want to go into cosmetology and marketing could be incorporated in that because I would be using other brands of things and could sell them in my shop.