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BLOG QUESTION: Do you agree with May? Do you think gamers need training in sportsmanship and team sports if they are competing in esports that have audience participation (rather than isolated gaming where you only play against other players with no audience)?

Yes, I agree with May that gamers need training in sportsmanship and team sports while they are competing with an audience. Gamers should treat others with respect and be a team sport whether they are losing or winning. If they are taught how to have good sportsmanship then their manners will be better.
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Daily blog: Read the section on NuBoard Media on page 261 of your text. Answer the following question - 
What would you like to find in a Seat-Pak? Explain why

If I was going to a football game and I had a seat-pak , I would like to have different sample sized gatorades. Drinks are very expensive at football games so to get free drinks would be nice. Usually you would go eat before you went to a game so food would just be wasted. Also, if they had a code for coupons to like stores that would be cool

sales at holidays

Daily blog: Christmas is a huge shopping time of the year and there are frequently sales on many type of goods. Why are there big sales at other hoildays such as Labor Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, etc?

During the holidays, family members get together and go shopping since they don't have to work on special holidays. Shops usually give back on holidays and that's why they have sales. More people shop when there are bigger sales and that brings in more money. 

My Cause My Cleats

Daily blog - Read the story at the link listed below. What are your thoughts? Do you think more highly of a player who does something like this, less highly, or no difference in opinion? Do you think this is a good or not so good way for a player to promote a cause?

I believe that anyone who puts the time and effort into helping a cause deserves respect and recognition. In my opinion, this is a good way for a player to promote a cause because it's not just helping a cause but it's teaching kids that school and learning will be a big part of your success in the future.

FIFA sponsors

Daily blog: Read the article in the link below. Why is the World Cup having problems getting sponsors, and what can they do about it?

The area that the world cup is being held in is not desired. FIFA sponsors are not wanting to sponsor this event since the place that it is being held at is known for bad qualities. FIFA is not being trusted by big brands.

device for feedback

Daily blog: Read "Opening Act" on page 126 of your text. How would you react if asked to use a device to provide feedback while watching live entertainment? How is this feedback valuable to a producer (why would they ask you to wear the device)?

I wouldn't mind using the device if asked. If I was a producer, I would want to know the feedback from my audience so I could make changes and make it better. If more people don't like a scene than people who do like it then I would take the scene out. People have different opinions about things so not everyone will like the same things.

black friday

Daily blog - The Friday after Thanksgiving is known in the retail world as "Black Friday." Stores typically have huge sales those days. How do you feel about Black Friday? Do you make a point to shop that day? Why or why not?

Black Friday is too crazy for me to go shopping. I think that the sales are very good but I would only do online shopping. Some people can go black Friday shopping but my family never goes. I have never been black Friday shopping.