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sport techie

Daily blog: From Sport Techie:
Imagine a future in-arena suite experience where Alexa by Amazon, through the Echo smart speaker, could take your beer or food order, communicate it to the kitchen staff and have it delivered to your seat within minutes.
You wouldn’t have to open your phone and click through an app for mobile ordering (though you could do that too), wave down the waitstaff, or shlep to a brick-and-mortar concession stand. All you’d have to do is tell Alexa what you want.
As part of an effort to reach fans where they are in sports arenas and make it easier-than-ever for them to order concessions and merchandise during games, Oracle Hospitality is experimenting with ways Alexa might be able to integrate with arenas’ point-of-sale (POS) systems

What are some benefits of this program? What are some of the risks? Think about this from both the event and the fans' viewpoint.

The benefits of this program would be the time saved by not having to wait in long concession lines and that potentially more people would order concessions resulting in more money. A risk of this is that the Alexa always has to be plugged in and connected to an internet source. If something happened to the internet then the Alexa would not work. The event could make more money and it would be easier and more productive for the fans. 


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steven tyler

Daily blog: Read the article attached to this post. What do you think about a hard rock singer opening in Nashville? Nashville is considered to be the center of country music. Do you think the Nashville Film Festival is focused on country music or all genres? Do you think Tyler would have been selected if he was still only doing rock? Watch the movie trailer if time permits  

I absolutely love Steven Tyler and I think it is awesome that he is opening in nashville. His new album has changed in genre from rock to country but i think it is amazing. I think that the Nashville film festival is focused on country music but steven tyler is not known for his country music. This is a way to show that he is testing out the water in a new genre and it can give him and the festival more publicity. It is focusing on a larger target market now since there is a singer with a different tone. I do not think he would have been selected if he was still doing only rock.

Ticket prices

Daily blog: In recent years the prices charged for tickets have skyrocketed:
Major college football games, such as Alabama vs Texas A&M, can cost $770 each.
New York Yankee fans can pay as much as $500 per seat.
Tickets to see singer Taylor Swift in concert range from $258 to $1358 apiece.
Why do you think tickets for concerts and sporting events cost so much?

I think that tickets cost this much because it takes a lot of money to put on these shows and for everyone to get paid and make revenue then the prices have to be more expensive. The more you pay the better the show you will receive.

How entertainment marketing has changed

Daily Blog: Discuss how entertainment marketing changed after television became popular. Make a list of at least 5 changes since 1945.

Television changed the world. It has been one of the biggest inventions of time. Every house you go into has at least one television and sometimes more than that. I know in my house there is a television in almost every room. Do you ever just sit at home watching T.V. and a commercial for Hardee's pops up and they are advertising a huge Baconator and all of a sudden you are craving one of those burgers? That's the whole point of commercials. They are wanting you to go out and buy their product. How do you think they advertised for things before the television became popular? Businesses probably had a lot better sales after the television arrived. Television provided company's advertising. More businesses probably started to be made because they knew that if they were able to make a commercial and get it on T.V. then it could become successfu…